High-precision, high-performance vertical farming

The most powerful, versatile industrial hydroponic solution on the market.

Imagine the future of sustainable agriculture with high-precision, high-performance vertical farming.

ItemGrabber Green is partnering with HRVST, which designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains hyper-controlled vertical farming systems that can house and independently optimize a variety of crops at once.

Their unique hyper-controlled technology creates optimal growing conditions, produces more reliable results, and dramatically improve crop yields – in virtually any environment, and for even the most complex plants.

Get the most out of your space and assets

Unlike other systems, HRVST’s powerful technology and software combine to create ideal growing conditions for multiple plants, simultaneously – anywhere, any time.

Maximize crop yields, quality, and consistency.

Grow a variety of crops, all year long.

Perfect for growers and producers

If you are a grower or producer looking for a sustainable, affordable option to maximize your space and assets, HRVST can help you:

  • Expand and diversify your crop production year-round
  • Connect with potential partners and/or investors
  • Access our vast expertise and knowledge of cultivars, growing systems and techniques
  • Combine the HRVST system with an existing greenhouse operation
  • Install our system in unused buildings or buildings to be repurposed
  • Level-load resources and avoid peak hours for electricity demand by automating day/night sequencing between the rows
  • Create a produce basket offering and/or become a supplier to basket providers
  • Deliver consistent outputs for more reliable results and peace of mind
  • Kick-start the spring and summer seasons as plants are propagated and brought close to maturity
  • Expand or diversify your product offering during the off season by growing a wide variety of products
  • Automate manual processes and manage the environment instead of physically moving plants to different environments
  • Improve your return on investment (ROI) for the various targeted crops
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your operation

Vertical Farming Technology

Hyper-controlled growing conditionsComprehensive,
real-time data
Unmatched support every step of the way
Grow, manage and substitute an unlimited variety of plants year-round, according to your specificationsAccess comprehensive stats on HRVST’s easy-to-use platform, and plan your farming more efficiently.Work hand-in-hand with experts at HRVST’s testing and training facilities to analyze performance and ensure optimal growth for your crop.
Precisely control, fine-tune and automate growing conditions row by row for even the most complex plants.Collaborate and share information and best practices with HRVST’s global network of vertical farmers.Receive turnkey support – from access to proven growth recipes or support with developing and testing, to installation, growth and commercialization.
Customize each crop’s environment to its unique needs and create repeatable patterns through proven growing recipes.Join a community of producers sharing their performance data.Get assistance with ROI calculations, grant applications and more.

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