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Offering Professional Cultivation Consultation Services

Rocklin, CA — ItemGrabber Green, a cannabis supply company based out of Northern California, offers professional cultivation consultation services for both indoor and outdoor grow operations. From hobbyist to professional growers, Cannabis Operations Specialist Scott Martin provides licensed growers and growing operations with the expertise needed to start or expand their operations.

Cannabis Industry Growth

The US cannabis industry is worth $61 billion, and nationwide cannabis sales increased 67% in 2020. As the cannabis consumer continues to diversify and medical and recreational use becomes legal in more states, the industry is poised to continue growing, with analysts projecting the US cannabis industry to be worth $100 billion by 2030. ItemGrabber Green’s professional consulting services are here to help you capitalize on this growth.

Starting & Expanding Cannabis Cultivation Operations

Scott Martin from ItemGrabber Green
Scott Martin, ItemGrabber Green’s Cannabis Operations Specialist

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor operation, there are many factors to consider – from space, infrastructure, cultivation needs, lighting and electrical to supplies. In addition, budgeting and financing, security and compliance, and local regulations are major aspects of running a cannabis operation.

Scott Martin, an Army veteran and ItemGrabber Green’s Cannabis Operations Specialist has 20+ years of cultivation experience and has been involved with the plant for 35+ years. A journey man, HVAC technician, licensed general contractor, Hydrostore owner, licensed cultivator and Kush Kannon inventor, Martin knows the industry and has the expertise to help you succeed from the ground up.

The most common mistakes with a grow operation tend to be not having the right folks trained in their positions, so they don’t know the scale or magnitude of work that comes with a cannabis operation.

Scott Martin

ItemGrabber Green’s Services Reduce Costs

A consultant can save an operator on overall costs, cost overruns, failed crops and much more. Martin and the IGG team point out potential problems, design flaws and areas where the facility may be over or under-built. From licensing to cultivation and everything in-between, Martin’s expertise and network is invaluable to anyone looking to enter or expand in the cannabis industry.

From hobbyists to commercial operations learning the industry properly can reduce costs, save your bottom line, and ultimately keep you profitable.

About ItemGrabber Green:

ItemGrabber Green provides the cannabis industry with a broad selection of products used in cultivation, extraction, testing, production, and beyond. In business for over 20 years, ItemGrabber has extensive experience in consumable-product supply-chain management. They apply knowledge and experience to deliver second-to-none customer service, enterprise-level eCommerce and integration technologies, an expansive and growing product selection, and fast, professional, and concise delivery services.

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