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Purchasing & Processing Land For Cannabis Businesses

It’s not easy to find land to start a cannabis business or, or to start a cannabis farm when you do, but there are ways to plan and prepare for the process. Hire all the necessary professionals, including land-use planners, attorneys and consultants, in the beginning stages of cannabis land purchasing and use them to guide you through the items on this list. 

Land For Cannabis Cultivation 

Cannabis is a crop first and foremost and the land you choose for growing it should reflect that. When you begin looking for land to purchase, you’ll want to understand the soil types you need and even request samples to determine if the pH level is suitable for growing cannabis. Confirm that there aren’t toxins present and look for a nutrient-rich soil. Other factors you’ll need to consider are the climate and if there are pests and wildlife present that could destroy your cannabis plants.  

Know The Water Rights 

Water rights are often assumed, but they shouldn’t be. This will come down to local rights and ordinances, which are best left to a lawyer and the planning board to navigate. Water rights change greatly from one location (and property) to the next. Never assume that other rules apply to your current piece of land. 

Review The Political Landscape 

Just because cannabis is legal in that state doesn’t mean a business is welcome. Consider the costs and headache of trying to persuade a neighbor, town or business planning board to welcome you in that doesn’t want you there. Cannabis is still a controversial business, and you’ll need to take care in selecting the right location for it.  

Work With Cannabis Industry Professionals 

As is the case with any cannabis business, you’ll benefit from using professionals with experience in the industry. Whether you’re looking for resources to build a cannabis laboratory or purchasing a new piece of land, make sure that the lawyers, real estate agents and general contractors you hire have experience working with cannabis businesses.  

Work With The Proper Government Agencies 

You’ll need to find and comply with whoever is responsible for cannabis business licensing and permitting in that area. This varies from state to state and can get very complex and tedious but working with a local lawyer should help. They will know which agencies to submit forms to and how to propose items as needed. 

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