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Packaging Products & Supplies

Delivery business has seen an uptick since COVID-19 began. Many brick and mortar dispensaries and farms are shipping now for the first time. And while it may be tempting to grab plastic bags and print at home labels, choosing quality packing products is important.

Avoid costly spills and messy deliveries by ensuring that each cannabis product is sealed in the highest quality packaging supplies.

What Packaging Products Do You Need?

Packaging might seem like a one size fits all product, but as with most aspects of your business, it’s important to consider your brand and clientele.

Niche businesses might choose specialized packaging that is specifically made to protect cannabis flowers, edibles & oils. If you’re a general business that sells a variety of cannabis products, you might be able to use more traditional shipping & mailing supplies. Luxury brands will likely want higher end packaging while budget businesses won’t find that necessary. Eco-friendly packaging options are available for those businesses that are going “green”. Don’t overlook the importance of matching the packaging you use to your products, customer base and business model.

Regardless of which you choose, make sure you select packaging products that are:

  • Child-proof
  • Compliant with your state’s packaging laws
  • Durable, waterproof & spill resistant
  • Aligned with your brand

Packaging Accessories

How you package is just as important as what you package your products in. Stick with high quality gear that won’t diminish your end results. Focus on products that won’t diminish your bottom line, such as a scale that’s well calibrated to save you the costs of improper weighing.

For many cannabis businesses, this means using:

And more.

Cannabis packaging needs to be versatile and resilient while adhering to local laws and guidelines, but it also needs to be practical and cost effective. ItemGrabber Green has curated a selective list of compliant, affordable and luxury packaging options to best fit your specific needs.

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