Grow lights on cannabis plants.

Indoor Lighting Equipment for Cannabis Plants

Cannabis policy reform continues to expand legislation for cannabis cultivation around the country. As a response, more businesses are opening to supply it.

But land is at a premium and outdoor agriculture is subject to unpredictable climate patterns. For many U.S. businesses, growing cannabis indoors is the only viable option. There’s also a year-round growing season indoors with the potential to grow much higher yields with the proper grow lights and bulbs.

The technology for indoor lighting is only getting better with time. It’s easier than ever before to produce higher quantities of quality cannabis while using less energy and in smaller spaces.

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Best Lights for Indoor Growing

Outdoor plants are subject to many elements that cannot be controlled, including pests and climate. When growing inside, the yields, cannabinoid levels & quality of plants will all be determined by the indoor cannabis cultivation equipment you choose.

Choosing electrical and lighting supplies will be one of the most important decisions you make when setting up your grow room. The range of grow lights, bulbs and accessories on the market is expanding but they are not all created equal.

There are the advantages and disadvantages for each type of grow light on the market.

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) BulbsFluorescent Grow LightsHigh Intensity Discharge Grow Lights (HID)LED Grow Lights
Pros– Energy efficient
– Can be used through varying growth stages
– Long lasting
– Low heat production
– Easy to use
– Commonly sold
– Use less electricity
– Good for small growing spaces
– Most efficient
– Easy to use
– Different varieties can work in different growth stages
– Long lasting grow lights and bulbs
– Energy efficient
– Produce less heat
– Can be used through growing stages
Cons– Higher starting costs– Do not produce high yields
– Not good for taller plants
– Need to be moved frequently
– High heat can burn plants
– More complex setup with additional equipment
– Increase in electrical and lighting use
– Lower yields per watt
– Higher price points for lighting and accessories setup
Advantages and disadvantages for grow lights.

How to Use Indoor Lighting

UV spectrum for cannabis

When setting up your grow lights, bulbs and accessories keep your goals in mind. Cannabis cultivation businesses use different indoor setups because they want different things.

Bulbs and accessories come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and watts. Many growers choose grow lights and bulbs for each growth stage based on the above spectrum, changing the locations of the plants and as the plant’s development progresses.

Indoor lighting should also compliment the temperature and humidity of your grow room. High heat producing bulbs can alter the climate of the room and burn crops if not used carefully.

Tips for Choosing Grow Lights, Bulbs & Accessories

Different light types impact cannabis strains in different ways. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting and accessories for your cannabis business:

  • Factor your skill and experience into the electrical and lighting setup (easiest might be best at first)
  • Look for the hidden costs of electrical supplies. For example, how much electricity does each bulb use and how much can you afford to spend on that?
  • Never use incandescent light bulbs for growing.
  • Choose lighting specific to the cannabis strain you’re growing.
  • Invest now for longer lasting, energy efficient supplies such as CMH bulbs.

Keep your cannabis yields high and electricity down with our selection of quality energy efficient indoor lighting products. From ballasts to bulbs, ItemGrabber Green has the latest in indoor grow lights and accessories.

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