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Curing & Drying Cannabis Plants During the Busy “Croptober” Season

After harvesting and trimming cannabis crops on the farm, the plants must then be dried and cured. The process is sensitive. From the start of the drying process to the end of curing and into storage, one misstep could leave you with unusable cannabis.

These steps are general recommendations, but your needs might vary based on the desired outcome and strain you’re working with.

To Dry Or Not To Dry

When to dry is debated in cannabis cultivation circles. Parties argue that the length of drying and curing can impact terpene levels, the import molecules that determine potency.

Still, most cannabis businesses opt to dry their cannabis plants before curing and storing them.

How To Dry Cannabis Plants

Once you determine how and when you’re going to dry, you need to follow a series of steps to do it properly.

  1. Cut at the base of the plant or branch to separate or trim down and manicure the buds completely.

  2. If using the whole plant or large branches, then you’ll want to hang from the ceiling of the drying room. For trimmed buds, place them gently in a drying bucket.

  3. Keep the room set to a strict temperature of between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity at less than 50% throughout the drying process.

  4. When the smaller branches of the plant easily snap (instead of bending) they’re ready to cure.
    Note: Remove as soon as they are ready or your risk over-drying.

Like much of the harvesting process, timing is important here. Dry too little and your plants might not cure properly. Over-dry, and you’re left with potentially brittle and altered product.

Curing & Storage

Curing is the final stage of the “croptober” process. If buds have not already been trimmed do that first before moving on the next steps.

  1. Place the buds in an air-tight storage container to cure.
    Note: Do NOT pack buds in too tightly or crush them during this step.
  2. Move the storage containers into a dark space.
  3. For the first two weeks, open the containers multiple times a day to allow oxygen in and moisture out.
  4. After, open the containers every few days until curing is complete.

Cannabis curing times vary and depend largely on the cultivation process up to this point and the specific strain you’re working with.

The most common way to store curing cannabis buds is through simple glass canning jars, but a variety of products can be used including:

How To Preserve The Product After Curing & Drying

For the curing process, just about any air-tight container will do. After the cannabis cures, it is crucial that it is properly stored. You want to retain the condition of the final product while it remains in storage and after, when it goes for sale.

Invest in the proper storage containers & ensure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

When you’re ready to begin drying and curing, having the proper products can save you time and money down the line. ItemGrabber Green stocks the best in storage, drying and curing products that help to make your cannabis cultivation business more efficient.