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Cannabis Reference Materials

Learn more about how cannabis reference materials are used in cannabis testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of each item before it reaches the customer.

100 and 50 dollar bills
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Payment & Processing For Cannabis Businesses

How do cannabis businesses accept payment? How do they process them? Mostly through cash, crypto & debit card systems.

Cookies and cannabis.
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Testing For Edibles: Why It’s Important & How It’s Done

Cannabis-infused edibles need to be tested for potency (terpenes) & the absence of toxins (pesticides, mycotoxins) before customers can safely enjoy them.

illustration of mycotoxins.
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Mycotoxins: What Are They & What Are The Dangers?

Mycotoxins can be toxic when consumed in large amounts & for prolonged periods. As a result, states usually require testing to protect cannabis consumers.