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Sourcing Cannabis Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies

Cannabis testing is a fundamental element in producing cannabis products. Cannabis laboratories are responsible for adding legitimacy to businesses while keeping consumers safe. Consistent efforts to streamline testing have resulted in a robust and thriving cannabis laboratory industry.

Achieving great quality in cannabis testing takes focused attention to detail, a strategic business model and sourcing the proper cannabis laboratory equipment. Discover what tests to conduct and the equipment you’ll need to do it properly.

What Cannabis Tests Are Required?

Cannabis testing will vary widely depending on the location of your laboratory and the state’s regulations. No matter where your lab is, you can expect at least some combination of the following:

The location of your cannabis laboratory will determine which tests are required. Each state has different rules and regulations around cannabis testing.

What Cannabis Laboratory Equipment Do You Need?

Building a cannabis laboratory requires a thoughtful approach, a combination of understanding local state laws and federal legislation while acquiring the proper cannabis reference material. A fully equipped cannabis laboratory has these common cannabis laboratory equipment & supplies:

Not all products are created equal. With your lab’s reputation on the line each time you purchase products, it’s imperative to use a source that you trust. Item Grabber Green offers the cannabis equipment that’s worth the investment to ensure that your lab is operating at its best without sacrificing on quality.