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Cannabis Glossary

Mycotoxin doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Then again, depending on how you grew up, blunt might not either.  

This ever-expanding glossary will help to build your cannabis vocabulary so that you can better understand cannabis buyers, businesses and the industry as a whole

Cannabis Defined 

Browse our full cannabis glossary, below. 

TermDefinitionRelevant Links
Adult Use Often used to describe legal, recreational marijuana.  
Blunt Using the blunt paper (the paper left over after a cigar has been emptied or a blunt wrapper), cannabis is ground up and rolled inside to be smoked. The result is called a blunt.  
Bud Slang term for cannabis overall and, specifically, the cannabis flower.  
Budtender A riff on “bartenders”. Budtenders are dispensary staff responsible for selling cannabis products.  
Cannabinoids Psychoactive & non-psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant that drive the modern cannabis industry. THC & CBD are two of most well known, but there are more than 100 known cannabinoids at this time. Learn More About Cannabinoids 
Cannabis Reference Materials Extracted substances from the cannabis plant used in verifying & testing cannabis products. Shop Cannabis Reference Materials 
Cannabis Testing Tests to ensure cannabis is safe for sale and consumption. Required tests vary by state. Learn More 
CBD (Cannabidoil) Well known cannabinoid that is often used for holistic medicine and is regularly found as extracted oils or edibles in stores. Learn More About Cannabinoids 
Croptober October harvest season. Originated in Northern California’s “golden triangle” but now used throughout the industry. Read More About Croptober 
Curing After harvesting, the cannabis is dried and cured to help preserve the cannabinoids, flavor, scent, and color. Learn More About Curing 
Decriminalization Removes “criminal” penalties for using cannabis. Decriminalized states will often administer milder punishments, such as fines, to discourage cannabis use.  
Dispensary Store that sells cannabis products, including for medical purposes (i.e., “medical dispensary”).  
Edibles Cannabis extracted and used in edible formats, often baked goods, candy or products to be used in cooking, such as butter.  
Flowers Often referred to as the “bud”, this is the smokable part of the cannabis plant. It is found on female plants and usually contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids in the plant.  
Ganja Slang term for cannabis.  
Grow Lights Lights used for indoor cannabis cultivation. Learn More About Grow Lights 
Joint Cannabis that is ground up and rolled in a rolling paper to be smoked is referred to as a joint.  
Medical Marijuana Marijuana used for treating conditions or symptoms of medical conditions. Medical marijuana laws are often separate from recreational use laws.  
Mycotoxins Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites naturally produced by the fungi that grow on crops. Learn More 
Pen Used as a short-term reference for cannabis vape pens, small, pocket-sized vaporizers.  
Phenotype The physical expressions of the cannabis plant’s genotype. Phenotypes can often explain altered physical qualities in plants (i.e., different smells from the same genotype).  
Pistil Pistils are thin, hairlike structures that serve as the reproduction piece of the cannabis flower.  
Pot Slang term for cannabis.  
Pre-roll Term to describe “pre-rolled” cannabis joints sold at dispensaries.  
Recreational Use Legal cannabis (not used for medical purposes) is often referred to as recreational. States with “recreational use” laws generally mean that cannabis has been fully decriminalized & legalized.  
Reefer Slang term for cannabis.  
Residual Solvents Solvents are organic volatile chemicals. They are used in the extraction of cannabinoids and other cannabis products from cannabis flowers. Learn More 
Stoned Slang term used to describe the feeling of being “high” when psychoactive compounds in cannabis are present.  
Strain Describes a specific version of cannabis. Usually determined by the characteristics of the plant.  
Terpenes Terpenes are molecules composed of multiple isoprene units that give cannabis strains their identifying aromatic characteristics. Learn More 
THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) The most famous cannabinoid, THC is responsible for many of the mind-altering aspects of cannabis consumption. Learn More About Cannabinoids 
Trichomes Trichomes are minuscule growths, so fine that they’re only viewable by microscope. These are sometimes referred to as the resin glands of the cannabis plant, producing the industry’s most valuable commodities: cannabinoids and terpenes.  
Vaporizer Device that heats substance to release vapors for inhalation.  
Weed Slang term for cannabis.  

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