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Cannabis Cultivation

Dive into our collection of cannabis cultivation resources to learn techniques, tips and tricks to better fine tune skills for choosing & using cannabis cultivation supplies.

A woman in lab gear analyzes a cannabis plant in a grow room.
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The Power Of Trichomes

Trichomes are the mostly microscopic resin glands on cannabis plants that produce cannabinoids, including THC & CBD.

Marijuana plant under blue light.
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Purchasing & Processing Land For Cannabis Businesses

Set yourself up for a successful cannabis land purchase by hiring industry professionals, assessing the land & researching the area before buying.

Macro photography of green leaf.
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Anatomy Of The Cannabis Plant

The anatomy of a cannabis plant, including the female flower and how the male plant is used in cannabis cultivation and processing.

Grower inspecting cannabis plants.
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Harvesting & Trimming Cannabis Plants During “Croptober”

Cannabis cultivation insights, tips, supplies and equipment. Cannabis cultivation articles from harvesting to curing, and everything in between.

Grower drying cannabis crop.
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Curing & Drying Cannabis Plants During the Busy “Croptober” Season

Croptober cannabis cultivation continues with drying, curing & storage. Drying is completed before the plants are cured & stored in air-tight containers.