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Harvesting & Trimming Cannabis Plants During “Croptober”

Cannabis cultivation insights, tips, supplies and equipment. Cannabis cultivation articles from harvesting to curing, and everything in between.

Curing & Drying Cannabis Plants During the Busy “Croptober” Season

Croptober cannabis cultivation continues with drying, curing & storage. Drying is completed before the plants are cured & stored in air-tight containers.

Category: Cannabis Reference Materials

Testing For Edibles: Why It’s Important & How It’s Done

Cannabis-infused edibles need to be tested for potency (terpenes) & the absence of toxins (pesticides, mycotoxins) before customers can safely enjoy them.

Category: Grow Lights

Indoor Lighting Equipment for Cannabis Plants

Indoor growing is more accessible & popular than growing cannabis outdoors. Find indoor cannabis cultivation equipment including grow lights & bulbs.

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Woman scientist looking in microscope.

Sourcing Cannabis Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies

Our selection of cannabis laboratory equipment offers the latest in efficiency, precision & value.

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The potential harmful side-effects of pesticides in cannabis-related products have led to several legislative orders across several states.

Pesticide Testing: Good For Plants…Bad For People

Pesticides help to keep cannabis & hemp plants from unwanted pest infection. However, chemical residue can be harmful to consumers, leading to legislation.

Studying and understanding cannabis and its processes is key in passing safe legislation.

Cannabis: Understanding It’s Science, Applications and Complex Legal Status

Cannabis doesn’t help with your joints or have psychoactive effects- that’s cannabinoids. Learn the differences & how they affect legislation.

Cannabinoids extracted in their oil form have potent properties desired for their holistic & psychoactive effects.

Cannabinoids: What Exactly Are They?

Cannabis doesn’t help with your joints or have psychoactive effects- tha’ts cannabinoids. Learn the differences & how they affect legislation.

Always make sure cannabinoid products are tested for residual solvents.

The Importance Of Testing For Residual Solvents

Cannabinoids, like CBD, can have excellent holistic benefits, but the solvents used to extract them can be dangerous. Learn more about residual solvents.

Terpenes are most commonly known for producing smells that identify different strains of cannabis.

Terpenes: Cannabis Aroma Molecules With Purpose

Terpenes are one of the features of cannabis that are closely studied to learn their manipulative effects on cannabinoids. Learn more about this molecule.

Mycotoxins: What Are They & What Are The Dangers?

Cannabis and its related products can have great holistic & safe recreational effects on the body, but mycotoxins can be a danger to consumers. Learn more.