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Stop Pests From Destroying Cannabis Plants

Farming cannabis is not for the lighthearted. Weather patterns, local law changes and damaged crops are elements that are out of your control. While pest infestations can decimate plants, impacting your production lines and lowering yields for seasons to come, you can prevent them

Attack a pest problem with thoughtful, coordinated intervention using the proper products and you will get rid of them. 

Common Types of Plant Pests 

Not all pests are bad for cannabis plants, but those that are can do serious damage to your yield, decreasing production and impacting your business. Learn which insects cause damage and how to identify them as your first step in pest prevention. 

Type of PestWhat You Need to Know
Leaf Miner Usually attacks outdoor plants
Adult flies might leave small holes in leaves or larvae may cause brown lines  
Spider Mites Look for spots on leaves (yellow, red or white)
Can be found indoors (grow room pest) or outdoors 
Caterpillars They’re big enough to be easily removed by hand
Caterpillar prevention is important pest control during flowering because they can penetrate the buds 
Ants Can damage the root system of plants by building mounds in the surrounding soil
Cinnamon can deter ants 
Common Types of Plant Pests

How To Remove Pests 

Once they’re established, it’s extremely challenging to get rid of pests. The removal process will depend on whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower and if you’re looking to stay organic or not. 

If you do run into a pest problem, try these tips to get rid of them: 

  • Develop an aggressive daily pesticide routine (Note: you might need to increase pesticide testing if you choose this route)  
  • Introduce a predator, such as ladybugs, that will naturally diminish the pests over time 
  • Contain the outbreak by placing all infected plants in one, closed off area removed from the others. After interacting with those, never go back to healthy plants. 

Prevent Pests With Routine Pest Control 

By the time you discover the problem, your crops could already be in danger. While pests are an inevitable part of growing plants, preventative measures like the ones listed below can greatly reduce the duration, types and impact of pests on your cannabis plants. 

  1. Grow room pest control is slightly different, and revolves mostly around controlling the interior conditions, including humidity and lighting
  2. Choose cannabis cultivation & gardening equipment that will help to prevent and manage pests, such as:
  3. Grow plants from seeds when possible so that you have complete control over the growing process, including pest prevention.  
  4. Hang fly strips to discover pests before they leave markings and destroy plants. 
  5. Prioritize pest control by caring for your plants. The healthier the plant, the easier it will be for them to fight off a pest invasion. 

When managing your cannabis business there is a lot that is out of your control, but with the proper care and prevention measures, managing pests doesn’t need to be one of them. ItemGrabber Green offers a full range of products to protect your employees, plants and ultimately your business from the threats of a pest invasion. 

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