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How Do You Build A Cannabis Laboratory?

Building a cannabis lab is not a quick or particularly easy process. Finding the proper equipment, creating a space with an efficient workflow and adhering to state testing and permitting requirements all take time and dedication. But if done well, it can be a lucrative and rewarding business.

State Testing Requirements

When building a cannabis laboratory, one of the first things you’ll need to determine is what cannabis testing regulations are in place in your state. Like all cannabis laws, this varies widely from one location to the next. Your cannabis lab in Colorado may require a mycotoxins test but your newly opened one may not. Before you can open, or even build your cannabis laboratory you must understand the state’s regulations.

Steps To Build Your Cannabis Laboratory

While there are complications and challenges unique to the cannabis industry, in many ways, building a cannabis laboratory is just like opening any other business. You’ll need a thoughtful and targeted approach to finances, marketing and gaining local permits and approvals before you can move on to building up the lab.

  1. Create A Financial Plan & Budget

    Building a lab requires the same financial planning as any business. A well-constructed budget and financial plan will protect your business when you ultimately run up against a dip in sales or reduction in product. Not your first business? This step will likely come naturally to you.

  2. Acquiring Permits & Approvals

    Opening a cannabis business is never simple, but certain states make it easier than others. Keep an eye on cannabis policy reform and spend time getting to know the specific permits and approvals you’ll need to acquire before you even think about breaking ground on the lab.

  3. Secure Lab Space

    Buying property is the best course of action when building a cannabis lab. Due to complex regulations and rules for cannabis businesses, landlords might be able to charge additional costly taxes and penalties if you decide to rent.

  4. Build Out Laboratory

    In addition to the physical construction of the lab, take time to plan for a proper workflow. Source furniture and supplies that will enhance the productivity of your team. Building out your cannabis laboratory properly in the beginning stages will avoid later headaches down the line.

  5. Source Cannabis Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

    This is the most important piece of building your cannabis laboratory. No matter how much planning goes into this business or money you spend, without the proper equipment and supplies you will not succeed. Entrepreneurs will often rush through this last step, but this is a mistake. Sourcing the proper laboratory chemicals, reference materials and equipment will make sure that your lab is able to function and produce quality results.

What Cannabis Laboratory Equipment Do You Need To Begin?

Finding the proper cannabis laboratory equipment is imperative to operating your business. While the specific supply needs will be unique to your lab, there are general items that every lab needs.

Here are the basic cannabis laboratory supplies to get you started:

Your cannabis laboratory will make it safer and ultimately more enjoyable to consume and sell marijuana products. The importance of this work is something we take seriously here at Item Grabber Green. That’s why we have spent countless hours sourcing the best cannabis laboratory equipment, chemicals and supplies that the industry has to offer.

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