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Stay Busy During The Cannabis Winter Offseason

When the days get shorter and the temperature drops, the cannabis industry slows down. This downtime can be riddled with anxiety, or it can be put to good use. Instead of worrying about the upcoming croptober months spend the winter offseason reflecting and organizing for the year ahead. 

Prepare With Preorders 

The last thing you want in the middle of the busy season is to realize you’re all out of the one item you need to finish processing. When you’re reviewing supplies from last year, focus on what you use the most. These high priority products should be pre-ordered in bulk and stored onsite. Avoid delays by stocking up on essential items, such as humidity packspest prevention supplies and trimming products before you need them. 

Refine Business & Production Models 

Remember that old cliche, work smarter not harder? That’s impossible to embody if you’re always playing catch up. Use this downtime to take a step back and evaluate what’s working. Research 2021 cannabis industry trends and plan ways to incorporate them into your business model before getting back to work. 

Indoor Growers 

If you’re an indoor grower you might not have the luxury of an official offseason. If anything, these winter months might be even busier for you. But you can take advantage of this time in a different way. When it comes to indoor cultivation, efficiency is key. Successful growers produce higher yields in smaller spaces, maximizing profits. Use these winter months to test different indoor cannabis cultivation equipment. See which are the most effective, and invest your time, energy and money into products that make you money

Set Up Your Office 

Setting up an office isn’t just about finding a space for computers and printers. Work is where we spend most of our time and the office should represent your desired work culture. Focus on what’s important to your business. Build out a proper breakroom to encourage a sense of community among staff or implement facility safety solutions to create a better work environment. 

Reorganize The Workspace 

Clutter and disarray can be more than just a headache, they can also cause delays and dysfunction in the workplace. Review your supplies and reorganize materials, reflecting on what you’re still missing. Maybe, after building a cannabis laboratory, you realized that it needs critical cannabis laboratory equipment to stay up to date. Or your documents are scattered around the office causing you to waste unnecessary time searching for items. Solve these issues now, while you have the time. Organize documents into office storage and furniture or invest in cannabis processing equipment and supplies for your lab. 

ItemGrabber Green has everything you need to prepare in the offseason for a profitable, productive busy growing season. Don’t wait until you’re working those long days on little sleep to make your orders. 

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