April 9, 2021 | In The IGG Blog

Spring Has Sprung: Must-Have Cannabis Products For 2021 Season

The days have gotten warmer and cannabis plants have already sprouted…the Spring season is officially here. This year’s must-have products consider the 2021 cannabis industry trends and how the industry is using cannabis equipment. Browse our round-up of the best cannabis products to get the most out of the Spring 2021 season. 

Indoor Lighting 

For indoor growers, cannabis cultivation can happen any time of year. Regardless, Spring is usually when growing ramps up, whether it’s happening in a grow room or in a field.  

Quality indoor lighting equipment is a key component to having lush, green cannabis plants by the time Croptober harvesting begins.   

Dispensary Must-Haves 

Sales of cannabis pre-rolls jumped by almost 50% in 2020. Tap into this growing market with a pre-roll system that cranks out products quickly (destemming 5 lbs in 7 seconds), stocking your shelves and boosting your sales. 

Humidity Control 

Cannabis curing is especially popular during the busy croptober season, but with the increasing popularity of indoor growing, it now happens throughout the year. Humidity packs help to retain moisture and protect terpenes in your cannabis, creating longer lasting, fresher products. 

Nutrients & Fertilizers 

Blooms, roots and buds often need more care than a round of sunshine and soil can provide. You can’t always predict the weather and soil composition changes over time. Using fertilizerscleaners and flowering nutrients gives you back control of your cannabis plants, leaving little to chance. 

No matter the season, cannabis businesses trust ItemGrabber Green with their cannabis supply needs. From eco-friendly cannabis products to sourcing cannabis laboratory equipment, we’ll work with you to make sure your cannabis business has everything it needs to succeed.