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Humidity Pack Comparison: Integra vs. Boveda

Each, individual step in the cannabis production process is important. The timing of harvest determines how potent the cannabis is, a skilled trimmer ensures the flowers make it off the plant safely and proper humidity levels during curing preserve the flower’s terpenes and cannabinoids.

When done well, curing will retain the ideal amount of moisture and protect terpenes for an aromatic, flavorful product.

Importance Of Humidity Packs For Curing

Humidity packs do one simple (and vital) task: preserve cannabis terpenes.


  • Enhances your cannabis quality
  • Retains aromas & flavors of cannabis for extended periods of time
  • Balances moisture to prevent cannabis from drying out or not drying enough

For higher quality, longer lasting flowers, humidity needs to be maintained at a certain level, and humidity packs are the easiest way to do it.

Integra Vs. Boveda Comparison

ItemGrabber Green carries two of the industry’s most popular humidity packs: Integra and Boveda. Both brands are FDA approved, food safe and offer two-way humidity control (adding or removing moisture from the container as needed) but they each offer unique benefits as well.


  • Automatically adapts to surrounding air (humidity level not predetermined)
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes with replacement indicator card
  • Packs are 99% biodegradable


  • Determine replacement with physical cues
  • Adjust humidity levels to predetermined relative humidity levels (printed on packs)
  • Made of natural ingredients

We take great pride in helping you to produce the highest quality cannabis products. From the harvesting & trimming stages through curing, drying and packaging supplies, ItemGrabber Green has the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry. Whether you choose Boveda or Integra for your curing humidity control, your cannabis is in good hands.

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