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How To Start A Cannabis Farm In The U.S.

As with any company, starting a cannabis farm requires thoughtful planning and a well-executed business strategy. Unlike other businesses, cannabis farms will need to navigate the red tape of the complex cannabis industry, plan for natural interruptions (such as pests destroying plants) and keep up with compliance to successfully open. 

Choosing Land 

Purchasing and processing land for a cannabis farm can be a lengthy and expensive process. It’s not something you’ll want to repeat. Take steps before you begin to ensure that it’s done right the first time by making sure that zoning laws allow a cannabis farm and you own the water rights, among others.  

The last thing you need is to start setting up your cannabis farm only to learn that there is no water on the property. Do the research first to have a successful farm alter. 

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Growing 

There are many factors to consider when choosing to grow indoor versus outdoor. Cost, climate and regulations will all play a part. 

Indoor GrowingOutdoor Growing
Can have a larger upfront costCan be less expensive, especially in less desirable (colder) areas
Less exposure to extreme weather and pestsSusceptible to weather patterns
More control over cannabis plants Easier access to begin 

Budget For Cannabis Growing Supplies & Infrastructure 

Create a budget that encompasses every aspect of the cannabis farm before you start. Speak to more experienced farmers to learn what expenses to expect, and which ones can sneak up on you. 

Factor in expenses for: 

Plan For The Busy Season 

Stay busy during the cannabis off season by preparing for the upcoming season, because once your cannabis farm gets into the growing, harvesting, trimmingdrying and curing, you’re going to need systems and supplies already in place. 

When it comes to starting and running your cannabis farm, using a supplier you trust will save you time, money and stress down the road. Don’t waste your precious resources chasing down orders and waiting on supplies…get your cannabis equipment now and get your farm open. 

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