January 4, 2021 | In The IGG Blog

Going “Green” With Eco-Friendly Cannabis Products

Eco-friendly businesses are becoming more common in the cannabis industry. They’re using organic forms of pest control or natural harvesting & trimming methods as long-term, focused changes that will make a difference.  

But going “green” does not always need to be done on a large scale. Simply switching to different cannabis equipment and supplies when building a cannabis laboratory or designing a new office can have an environmental impact.  

Instead of cannabis supplies that areTry
Plastic Biodegradable 
New Repurposed 
Disposable Reusable 
Packaged separately Ordering in bulk 

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Becoming a more eco-friendly business can be done today by switching to these “greener” products. 

Office Furniture & Supplies 

There has been a huge advancement in the quality and variety of eco-friendly office supplies in recent years. When in doubt, choose products that are recycled or made from sustainable resources, such as Bamboo.

Facility Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning products can release toxins that are unsafe for humans and harmful to waterways and soil. Biodegradable cleaning supplies or those with natural ingredients are better for the environment. 

Eco Packaging Supplies 

Packaging supplies can be incredibly wasteful. Shifting to recyclable metal storage containers and products made from recycled materials is one of the most impactful changes your business can make. 

Don’t overthink it. The same, basic tools for living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle at home can also be applied to the workplace. ItemGrabber Green’s online store, with a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable products, makes going green effortless.