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Cannabis Equipment That’s Worth The Expense

There’s no doubt about it: it’s expensive starting up a cannabis business. Building a cannabis laboratory, dispensary or setting up indoor grow lights all come with a large price tag. But by prioritizing commercial cannabis equipment that increases efficiency and improves cannabis quality you will get the most out of a limited budget.  

This list has cannabis equipment and systems that are a bit more expensive up front, but produce more and better cannabis products in less time.  

Cannabis Pre-Rolling Production Systems 

Put the days of using outdated grinders and sloppy rolling behind you with a top of the line, pre-roll production system. This set up from Futurola shreds & destems 5 pounds in 7 seconds, filling 300 Pre-Rolls in 90 seconds. 

Upgrading to Futurola’s pre-roll system allows you to: 

  • Produce more pre-rolls in less time 
  • Decrease production staff 
  • Increase product supply 

More time, higher efficiency and less overhead costs? The upfront investment for these cannabis processing supplies is easily paid off when you factor in what you get back.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers 

Wholesale cannabis distribution business’s need to focus on preservation. Freshness can be lost through the lengthy cannabis harvesting, trimmingcuring and drying stages, decreasing cannabis quality.  

Whether at home or in a dispensary, no one wants to get stuck with a package of stale, dried out cannabis. 

Freeze drying can help to prevent this. Choose a trusted company, such as Harvest Right freeze driers, that preserves the quality of your cannabis. 

Air Purification Systems 

Powdery mildew creates a whole host of problems for commercial cannabis growers but removing it can mean releasing toxins and chemicals into the air that harm cannabis plants. AiroClean 420’s zero emission air sanitation system safely removes impurities from grow rooms without damaging crops, protecting both the plants and the employees who tend to them.  

Investing in high quality commercial cannabis equipment is an investment in your business. But sometimes, you just need a set of pens. At ItemGrabber Green we have everything you need to run a successful cannabis business, from printer paper to premier humidity packs for curing, in one convenient online store.

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