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CannaBusiness Watch: THC Infused Meal Delivery Services

Meal kit services are used by busy young professionals, for anyone during times of extra stress (such as dealing with a family emergency or caring for a newborn) and people who don’t want (or know how) to cook.

The cannabis industry is innovative and resourceful…businesses rarely miss a trend. Which could explain why THC-infused cannabis food delivery services are quietly launching in legal states around the country.

Meal Delivery Services: The Numbers

Meal delivery kits have become lucrative businesses in recent years. The industry raked in over 4 billion dollars worldwide in 2020 and is projected to almost double by 2024.

Pair this with the boom in cannabis edibles which are projected to reach over 4 billion dollars in the U.S. and Canada by 2022.

As legalization continues and cannabis use becomes more accessible throughout the U.S. and in neighboring markets, THC infused meal kits could become a growing market.

The Logistics Of Launching A THC Infused Meal Delivery Services Business

Despite the impressive potential, the market for THC infused meal delivery services remains quiet. A few restaurants have shifted with COVID, offering cannabis meal kits for diners to make at home, but there aren’t many traditional “Blue Apron” look-alikes in the cannabis industry yet.

The logistics behind launching one is part restaurant based, part cannabis business based.

You’d need:

And more….

In certain states (especially Oregon and Colorado), the edibles market is crowded and busy. Niching down into a specific area, such as a THC infused meal delivery service can give you an edge.

Prepare for the next cannabis trend.

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